Here on the Internet we have a marketplace of ideas that J.S. Mill never could’ve dreamed of.

Two once-separate purposes – news dissemination and personal communication – have merged to create (for better or worse) the most democratic medium yet conceived.

Newspapers are just one of several media undergoing the process of creative destruction at the hands of the Internet. Others include video rental stores and the recording industry.

In creative destruction, an intrinsically superior technology (e.g., the Internet) comes to replace the old one (e.g., the printing press). Industries fall victim to creative destruction when they start taking their privileged positions for granted, as newspapers did for some 200 years.

My name is Molly Metzig and I’m about to graduate from the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism. I’m using this blog to explore the causes and effects of creative destruction as it applies to newspapers in the 21st century.


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