The Final Edition

June 10, 2010 at 11:26 pm Leave a comment

“The newspaper industry is condemned to write piecemeal its own obituary without knowing when or how — or, truth be told, if — the end will come.”

Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland, March 2008

It’s easy to understand why newspaper people might resent the Internet; it’s the media equivalent of a smarter, faster guy stealing your girlfriend.

But think about it: the Internet is immediate, interactive, linkable, searchable, and constrained by neither page space nor geography. What other medium can say the same?

None that I can think of.

Jim Hoagland’s assertion above isn’t necessarily accurate. The end may be coming, but the newspaper industry is not powerless,  “condemned” to die without knowledge or influence over the “when” and “how” of its demise. Newspaper people already know how to get information and tell stories. I strongly believe that – if they’re willing to change, they will come out on the other side with their jobs and their ideals intact.

Long Winter for the Media

Media Metrics: The True State of the Modern Media Marketplace


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